AITL Boxcar now available. Also, new site

An Invitation to Love’s first release is an EP of Twin-Peaks-themed neo-art-grunge, and it’s available here now to buy as a full-color-Digipak-enclosed CDR. It’s been available in mp3 form on Bandcamp for a while now, for free or “name your own price,” but now it’s corporeal and in the world as something to own (and stuff stockings with? Hmmm????). Note that its “official” release date is 1/10/2012, for what its worth.

Also, this j-shirt site is now very different. I’m still adding features and whatnot, but this is more or less what it’s going to look like now.

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the Graze – Give/Sell out now

After a long hiatus the graze returns with a second album of melodic indie rock, and this time it’s digital. Well the other one was digital, strictly speaking, but since “digital” now means “download” you do what the name implies and get it off the galactic interweb and put it on your hard drive, leaving no shiny plastic things to take up space in your hall closet. Did I mention it’s also free? It’s true, it’s free when you sign the graze’s mailing list, which you can do on it’s/his website. Of course if you wanted to pay for it you can do that too at various outlets like, eMusic, iTunes, and more.

But what about the music? It picks up where Iowa Anvil left off, with lo-fi-slash-folk-slash-neutral-milk-influenced indie pop songs, adding a depth of arrangement and production over the first album, and then the beginnings of experimentation. Download it and hear for yourself.

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Brent Amaker and the Rodeo at CMJ

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo (AKA B.A.R.) are on tour across the United States right now, on their way to their CMJ showcase in New York. Check out the calendar and go see them in your own town.

2008 has already been a big year for the Rodeo. They spent three weeks this Spring touring Europe, they’re drawing large crowds at such renowned venues as the Tractor Tavern, their new album is coming out November 4 on Gravewax records, and the song “You Call Me the Devil” from the first (self-titled) B.A.R. album will be featured on the Showtime TV series Californication on November 2.

Of course their first album is available here. You should get it.

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Over three years ago J-Shirt Records promised to make a CD available on this site, and then we didn’t. But now, Gravity & Henry’s first record, Pisces, is finally available here, and we couldn’t be happier.

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The graze appears on Volume 2 of Levi Fuller’s Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly. You can now buy a copy of this 19-track compilation from J-Shirt Records for $3 plus $1 S/H.

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