About J-Shirt

J-Shirt Records is a small independent pop/folk/rock/country record label in Seattle, Washington. J-Shirt also provides distribution for some of our friends whose CDs you may not be able to get anywhere else (like Dorkweed).


For order questions, email orders AT j DASH shirt DOT com, or call 206-715-6371.


In a different world J-Shirt might have been something like Marriage or Elsinor or ggnzla, but it didn’t work out that way. It worked out like this: I (Louis) and my friend Andrew wanted to try our hand at making and releasing independent lo-fi albums back when doing so seemed novel and interesting (~2000). Andrew went his separate way and I eventually made an album as the graze and released it as J-Shirt. All subsequent J-Shirt releases have been albums I’ve played on, either by myself or with friends. All future J-Shirt releases will probably be the same. Which brings us to:


Some people have mailed in demos or completed albums thinking this is a real label that signs artists and puts out their music for success and profit. We’re not, and we don’t, but thanks for thinking it.

If you’d like to submit your music, email a link to your mp3s (to the email address skillfully hidden above the title up there) and save the cost of mailing an actual CD. I’ll listen to it (eventually), but that’s probably as far as it will go. No offense to you personally, but it’s just not what this thing is about.

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