Ball of Wax Volume 24

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  1. Gene Pool & Chris Poage “Ten Thousand Books”
  2. Househeld Objects “The Never Wills and the Also Rans”
  3. Can the Boy Tell Time? “Forward”
  4. Tito Ramsey “Stay in Line”
  5. Ora Cogan “Gather”
  6. Led To Sea “Dark Like Night”
  7. Levi Fuller “Sick Day”
  8. Vinca Minor “Here”
  9. This Blinding Light “Oh My Lord”
  10. An Invitation to Love “Donna (To James)”
  11. Hail Citizen “No Intentions”
  12. B. Arson “Afraid of Flying”
  13. Norman Baker “Stork & Bow”
  14. Slow Skate “One to Remember”
  15. Mojo Spliff  “My Heart Needs to Love”
  16. The Magic of Multiples “Alex in 2K7”
  17. The Way It Is “Triple Word Score”
  18. The Foghorns “More than Jesus”
  1. Stenobot “Fallen Leaves”
  2. City Light “Here Tonight”
  3. Blouse (u.s.a.) “Girl B”
  4. Particle Gods “Knights through the Corridor”
  5. The Scrams “B.H.J.”
  6. Shiv Hurrah “Oh Oh Oh”
  7. Ghosts I’ve Met “Out with the Embers”
  8. Prairie Empire “To Be Certain”
  9. The Graze – “Trip Song”
  10. Richard Wilson “On a Horse of Gold”
  11. Moore + Sons “Silent Vows”
  12. Levi Fuller “They Like You”
  13. Virgin of the Birds “Sisters at the Sounds of Dawn (Morning Version)”
  14. Michele Khazak “Atheists Don’t Believe in God, God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists, I Don’t Believe in Either-What Does That Make Me?”
  15. Arthur C. Lee with Whit Walker “View from a Tree”

Features the last recorded output of the Graze. For now at least.

  1. Air Museum “Helium Balloon”
  2. Casey Alexander “The Best Thing You Can Give”
  3. Bundy “Col. Cpt. Boss Man”
  4. Sip’s Odyssey “Terrible”
  5. TheM all “American Highway”
  6. Brad DerManouelian “The Dark”
  7. Peter Vukmirovic Stevensand FM3 “Nine Pieces For Solo Piano And Buddha Machine – Loop Five”
  8. Colin J Nelson “Hot spring”
  10. Virgin of the Birds “They Wake”
  11. Amateur Radio Operator “Waiting on the Tide”
  12. Your Heart Breaks “Instrumental 1”
  13. Sun Tunnels “Teenager”
  14. Galapaghost “The Demise of Me”
  15. The Washover Fans “Soldier”
  16. Brian Erickson “What a Melody”
  17. Sunday Evening Whiskey Club “Everything Is True”
  18. Robert Deeble “Heart Like Feathers”
  19. City Light “Down the Central Coast
  20. The Magic of Multiples “Womb to Womb”
  21. Molly Rose “Today Is a New Day”
Features the first released track from Sun Tunnels, and of course tons of other stuff.
Released: Spring 2011
Catalog#: CD-BW24
Label: Ball of Wax

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