the Graze – Give/Sell out now

After a long hiatus the graze returns with a second album of melodic indie rock, and this time it’s digital. Well the other one was digital, strictly speaking, but since “digital” now means “download” you do what the name implies and get it off the galactic interweb and put it on your hard drive, leaving no shiny plastic things to take up space in your hall closet. Did I mention it’s also free? It’s true, it’s free when you sign the graze’s mailing list, which you can do on it’s/his website. Of course if you wanted to pay for it you can do that too at various outlets like, eMusic, iTunes, and more.

But what about the music? It picks up where Iowa Anvil left off, with lo-fi-slash-folk-slash-neutral-milk-influenced indie pop songs, adding a depth of arrangement and production over the first album, and then the beginnings of experimentation. Download it and hear for yourself.

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