Ball of Wax Volume 19

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  1. Gene Pool & Chris Poage “Ten Thousand Books”
  2. Househeld Objects “The Never Wills and the Also Rans”
  3. Can the Boy Tell Time? “Forward”
  4. Tito Ramsey “Stay in Line”
  5. Ora Cogan “Gather”
  6. Led To Sea “Dark Like Night”
  7. Levi Fuller “Sick Day”
  8. Vinca Minor “Here”
  9. This Blinding Light “Oh My Lord”
  10. An Invitation to Love “Donna (To James)”
  11. Hail Citizen “No Intentions”
  12. B. Arson “Afraid of Flying”
  13. Norman Baker “Stork & Bow”
  14. Slow Skate “One to Remember”
  15. Mojo Spliff  “My Heart Needs to Love”
  16. The Magic of Multiples “Alex in 2K7”
  17. The Way It Is “Triple Word Score”
  18. The Foghorns “More than Jesus”
Released: Winter 2010
Catalog#: CD-BW19
Label: Ball of Wax

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