Ball of Wax Volume 11

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  1. Dental Dude Donkey – That’ll Do
  2. Daughters of Darkness – Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant
  3. Purple Ether Molasses – Bones Triptych
  4. The Silent En-Yay – Medicine/Red Line of Flight
  5. The Heatlamps – Have it Your Way
  6. Beach Carnival – Deep Freeze
  7. The Sunday Toppings – The River
  8. Motorcycles in the Rain – Apparition
  9. Knowledge Masters – (We) Fought with Guns Last Night
  10. The Gweducs – B Smrt
  11. Free Reed Aerophone – Punjabi
  12. Dolphin Cobra Eye Mother – Sagan

The Harry Candy edition of Levi Fuller’s venerable Ball of Wax quarterly compilation. What is Harry Candy? Each song on this comp is the product of the random placement of musicians into makeshift bands tasked with writing and recording one song in one day. The results appear on BoW volume 11.

Check out the project’s Flickr pool.

Released: 3/2/2008
Catalog#: CD-BW11
Label: Ball of Wax

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