Ball of Wax Volume 7 DVD

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  1. Plan B “Double Crossin Little Rat” (Video by James Van Leuven and Patrick Volve)
  2. Pure Horsehair “The Sun Is the Source” (Video by Ryan Smith)
  3. Daughters of Atlas “Sons of Suns”
  4. Katharine Hepburn’s Voice “My Molly” (Video by Michael R. Sanchez)
  5. Arkade “Giuseppe” (Video by Jennifer Maas)
  6. Antlerand “Far Too Clean” (Video by Chris Lael Larson)
  7. Vis-a-Vis Society “EXERCIZE”
  8. Lake of Falcons “Black & Beige” (Video by Eric Fundingsland)
  9. Water Kill the Sun “Good Men Who Drive Vans Have to Transcend a Stigma”
  10. David Bavas “Running” (Video by R.K. Adams)
  11. Unbunny “Nightwalking”
  12. Wesafari “Whaleboy” (Video by Dan McGregor and Robert Payton)
  13. Levi Fuller “As the Crow Flies” (Video by Charlie Potter)
  14. The Graze “Vacancy”
  15. Bob & the Dangerous Brothers “Le Hohn Hohn Hohn”
  16. Brent Amaker & the Rodeo “You’re No Good” (Video by Black Daisy)
  17. The Music of Grayface “Thetrialsofaninterstateaffair”
  18. Up to the Minute With Brandon Ivey!

For volume 7 of his Ball of Wax quarterly music compilation, Levi Fuller teamed up with us, J-Shirt Records. The result is the DVD edition, featuring music videos from 18 different artists from across the US, in DVD quality. Why? Because we know a lot of talented people, and the postage-stamp, tin can quality of youtube doesn’t do them justice.

Released: 2/1/2007
Catalog#: DVD-BW07

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