Peter Parker – Migliore!

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  1. I Remain As Ever
  2. W.Y.W.H.
  3. Eliot
  4. The Aesthetic Of Dumb
  5. Bender
  6. Y.A.B.M.D.
  7. Goldenstate
  8. Meet The Beatles
  9. Guide Dogs & Love Songs
  10. Kickdrum
  11. Next Summer (Will Be My Last)
  12. Hate For Hesitation

“Imagine if the Fastbacks and the (old) Buzzcocks had a baby–it’d be pop-smart and savvy, and full of (s)punk. That pretty much describes Seattle’s Peter Parker, which is a band, not a person. Like their progenitors, they most certainly have songs filled with hooks and guitars–the bonus being that they can all actually sing. Even when they kick down the tempo a little, as on “Hate for Hesitation,” there’s an odd jubilation in the sadness. This isn’t pretty ’60s pop–it owes as much to everything that’s happened in the ’90s as to what’s gone before–but the choruses might as well be covered in Velcro in the way they stick to your brain.”
– Chris Nickson,

“…short, leveling, and violently hummable power pop songs… breathless, dead-on, thoroughly satisfying.”
–, April 2000

Released: 1999
Catalog#: CD-PPM0013

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