Ball of Wax Volume 6

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  1. Pufferfish – Pt. Blank Texas (by Ian Schuelke)
  2. Amateur Radio Operator – Rest Stop (by Pufferfish)
  3. David Bavas – Water Shed (by Amateur Radio Operator)
  4. Andrea Maxand – Sorry (by David Bavas)
  5. The Graze – Here Comes the Revolution (by Andrea Maxand)
  6. Conrad Ford – Tractor Beams of Love (by Levi Fuller)
  7. Levi Fuller – 8th Grade (by the Way it Is)
  8. The Way It Is – Forget the Dark (by Wesafari)
  9. Wesafari – Wading Schematic (Wading and Schematic by Seth Howard)
  10. Seth Howard – Mobius Waves (by Johanna Kunin)
  11. Johanna Kunin – I Throw You Away (by Troubleshooting)
  12. Troubleshooting – Skeleton Songs (by Conrad Ford)
  13. Smile Brigade – Devices (by the Graze)
  14. Robert Deeble – End of World Cartoon (by Smile Brigade)
  15. Rosyvelt – Some Bartenders (by Robert Deeble – courtesy of Fractured Discs)
  16. Ian Schuelke – Dancing by Numbers (by Rosyvelt)

    The fourth in the Ball of Wax audio quarterly series, featuring J-Shirt bands the graze and Rosyvelt, and 14 other bands, all playing each other’s songs. The Series is compiled by Levi Fuller (

    1. K. Garrard “Resonate”
    2. Steven Kattenbraker “Summer Pond”
    3. History At Our Disposal “Letter Letter Written from the Bottom of the Sea”
    4. Wesafari “Anthem of Kapt. Koala & the Kinetic Krew”
    5. Affordable Boston? “So Hard to Leave the Believers Alone”
    6. I Am the Internet “First Blood”
    7. Vidooch “Inclined”
    8. Jon Garcia “One Night Stand with Myself”
    9. Christina Antipa “Love Me for the Things I Do”
    10. Andrea Maxand “The Third Time Is a Charm”
    11. The Way it Is “Dearborn & Manzanita”
    12. Golden Soldiers “I Fell for a Laugh”
    13. Origami Ghosts “Peace Smells Nice”
    14. Levi Fuller “Seaplanes”
    15. David Bavas “Crazy”
    16. The Graze “Sheep”
    17. Snowdrift “Dayside”
    18. Everything Is Fine “Devils”
    19. The Salt Sea “Sun Lost Something”

    Audio Quarterly CD featuring the graze and 18 other bands, compiled by Levi Fuller (

    Released: 2006
    Catalog#: CD-BW06
    Label: Ball of Wax

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