Strength in Numbers – Volume 1

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  1. Razrez “Snake”
  2. Razrez “Police”
  3. Razrez “Flame”
  4. the Jeunes “Sell out”
  5. the Jeunes “Who Do You Love”
  6. the Jeunes “Missing Person”
  7. Rosyvelt “Aurora”
  8. Rosyvelt “Red Blood Cells”
  9. Math and Physics Club “Sixteen and Pretty”
  10. Math and Physics Club “Nothing Really Happened”
  11. C’Est La Mort “Ashes, Ashes”
  12. C’Est La Mort “Collapse”
  13. Birds of Prey “Rejection Park”
  14. Birds of Prey “Jet-Pack Turnaround”
  15. Infomatik “Inside a Moment”
  16. Infomatik “The Mechanical Bride”
  17. Infomatik “Further Away”
  18. Bullet Club “Fist To My Mouth”
  19. Bullet Club “Automatic King”

Compilation CD featuring Rosyvelt and 18 other other Seattle bands, cooperatively released and awesome.

“If you say you know about local music and you don’t have Strength in Numbers, then you should: 1) Re-evaluate your record collection and 2) Scrape together the $7 to buy it. There’s an excellent grab-bag of music here ranging from radio friendly to the esoteric.”
Paul Groth,

Released: 6/21/2005
Catalog#: CD-SN01

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