Gravity and Henry – Pisces

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  1. elephants
  2. breathe
  3. vitalsigns
  4. cameraobscura
  5. clausterphobe
  6. tadpoleangel
  7. somepaintthinner
  8. geranium
  9. bloom
  10. new evil

Gravity and Henry’s epic Pisces album is now available here. This is the band’s first album, before they released the equally epic Sputnik, Traveling Companion. Both albums have spent inordinate amounts of time in our audio appliances.

“I just developed an I-can’t-possibly-take-you-out-of-my-cd-player crush”
– Katia Dunn, Portland Mercury

Released: 1999
Catalog#: CD-RR4001
Label: Revolve Records

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