Ball of Wax Volume 2

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This is the last album from the late, great Seattle band Dorkweed, titled Sometimes Animals Die. In addition to being prolific (releasing five LPs, an EP, and a DVD between 1998 and 2004), Dorkweed was an energetic and extremely fun live act, and one of our favorite bands ever.

“Dorkweed are power pop with balls. And bite. And, um, creamed corn? As the name (and the song about creamed corn) suggests, Dorkweed have a slightly skewed view on life and how to react to it–which makes their highly infectious songs that much more satisfying to sing along to. And you will.”
– Barbara Mitchell, the Stranger.

“On the Seattle band’s sixth release Some Animals Die, [Brent Amacher’s] cool coarseness melded with the high-powered pop melodies sniff of Pixies’ crankiness and Weezer’s tongue-in-cheek silliness.”
Three Imaginary Girls.

  1. Johanna Kunin – Blueberry
  2. Joshua Morrison – Westport
  3. Steven Kattenbraker – Fence Out
  4. Toy Tractor – Stay Up
  5. Chris Moore – See What it Brings Out
  6. Ian Schuelke – Fallout
  7. Arkade – Listen, Here
  8. Land! Bravo – Kyoughn
  9. I Am the Internet – Bullfight Champion
  10. You May Die in the Desert – In Case I Should Die
  11. Andrea Maxand – Anesthetize
  12. The Way it Is – What Will We Do?
  13. The Graze – Conditions
  14. John Vecchiarelli – Train Song
  15. Kelli Hanson – Risk Free
  16. Smile Brigade – Improv with the Lashes
  17. Levi Fuller – 2 Wrights/2 Wrongs
  18. David Karsten Daniels – Epilogue
  19. The Maneuvers – Jungle Song

Audio Quarterly CD featuring the graze and 18
other bands, compiled by Levi Fuller.

Released: 2005
Catalog#: CD-BW02
Label: Ball of Wax

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