Dorkweed – No. 2 Send These Shoes to Hell

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  1. Pipebomb
  2. Laundry Song
  3. Motor in My Head
  4. Really Big
  5. Dead Spot
  6. Harden Yourself
  7. Alanis
  8. Starfish
  9. Kill 5 Minutes
  10. You Are Here

Dorkweed’s third LP of indie Rock gone awry. Produced by the venerable Jeff Saltzman (formerly of Sunset Valley, producer for The Standard, Jackpot Recording Studio producer/engineer), this lyrically inventive release blends rowdy guitar-distorted alternative rock with moody and offbeat pop elements.

  1. Woodshop
  2. And the Devil is Glad
  3. Train Conductor
  4. Mechanical Man
  5. Snow
  6. Smart Enough
  7. Fabricated
  8. Italian Food
  9. Wildcat
  10. DJ
  11. My Further Obsession with Large Shoes
  12. Hardway
  13. Spot of Sunlight
  14. Suck My Face
  15. Obvious Choice
  16. All Beautiful Women
  17. Misunderstood

Dorkweed provides a fresh mix of alternative rock, dance beats, and singer-songwriter lyrics. From light hearted digital tracks such as “Woodshop” to the more serious alt. rock sounds of “Fabricated”, “Send these Shoes to Hell” is an offering that establishes a place for Dorkweed in the Seattle music scene.

Released: 1999
Catalog#: CD-DW02
Label: Dorkweed Records

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