Dorkweed – Fluxivity Test Project

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  1. Fluxivity Test
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Beaver State
  4. Shitcan
  5. Burn Baby Burn
  6. It’s Not Like I’m A Cat
  7. Lady Bug
  8. Ten Miles High
  9. This Is All I Got
  10. Monster Truck
  11. Green Room
  12. You’re So Trailer Park
  13. Explodin’ Head
  14. Airborne Virus
  15. Steve Austin

Seattle based alt-rock band, Dorkweed releases their fifth record, Fluxivity Test Project (Shaky Records). Once again teaming up with Portland’s notable producer, Jeff Saltzman (Stephen Malkmus, The Minders, Carmina Piranha, The Standard), this one is bigger, faster, harder, and perhaps a little more bent. FTP features fifteen tracks including early favorites, “Burn Baby Burn”, “Beaver State”, “It’s Not Like I’m a Cat”, and “Ten Miles High.”

Released: 2002
Catalog#: CD-SR016
Label: Shaky Records

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